VirtualBox 5.1.22 Guest Additions (un)install fail and fix

Patch time again, say goodbye to half a day with urgent Windows updates and routine VirtualBox / Linux etc. updates for my workstation.

Anyway, it seems 5.1.22 fixed by earlier problem in 5.1.20 to do with Shared Folders, but I really wish they would test things a bit more, as this patching didn't go very smoothly and my VM failed to boot to completion (VBoxAdditions missing).

Attempting to run the installer gives you this message:

VirtualBox Guest Additions installer
You appear to have a version of the VirtualBox Guest Additions
on your system which was installed from a different source or using a
different type of installer.  If you installed it from a package from your
Linux distribution or if it is a default part of the system then we strongly
recommend that you cancel this installation and remove it properly before
installing this version.  If this is simply an older or a damaged
installation you may safely proceed.

Do you wish to continue anyway? [yes or no]

Okay.... haven't done anything differently. Attempting to continue wasn't helpful, and so embarked on some cleanup. Only, the script was missing.

It seems (looking with strace) that the message may have been occurring due to the lack of the file /opt/VBoxGuestAdditions-5.1.22/

Previously, there were a number of /opt/VBoxGuestAdditions-* folders, which evidently got cleaned up, so this bug may be related to that.

Lacking an script, I eventually found out that I could do the following:

cd /path/to/VBOXADDITIONS_5.1.22_115126/
./ -- uninstall

(note: there are two arguments there; the "--" is separate from the "uninstall". This is because the "--" serves to pass the "uninstall" as an argument to the installer. I happened to discover this when when I passed "--help" to the script, and then decided that "-- --help" might be interesting. Lo and behold it turns out that it has an "uninstall" flag.)

I did not have to undo the fix mount.vboxsf (made previously for my 5.1.20 fix)

Short story, after uninstalling this way, the installer works (and now there is an script). Rebooting the VM everything (X11, Clipboard sharing, Shared folders) seems to be working well.

PS. This was on RHEL 7.3, VirtualBox 5.1.22 (upgraded from 5.1.20)

Hope this helps.
(really wish upgrading VirtualBox was a less painful process).



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