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Don't let Java on Linux determine its own Timezone

Abstract: In this post, I illustrate one reason why its useful not to let Java (at least on Linux) determine its own timezone. This ends up being particularly important when considering inter-version compatibility issues. This post is not specific to any product, but does use Oracle WebCenter as a real-life case-study.

I've been diagnosing a fault one some of our Java environments with Oracle WebCenter 11gR1 on RHEL6. The nature of the fault is such that we don't know when it started occurring, the machine (and the feature involved) is not in routine use.

In Web Center, you can transfer data between environments using an 'Archiver' (which at least in earlier versions is also a ... topic for some other conversation). As part of setting that up, you need to create a 'Provider' (a way of getting information in or out of the system). Each provider has a useful 'Test' button.... or at least, it has a 'Test' button, and when you click it, it should sa…